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What We Do

Every year, we assist thousands of clients.  Here are just a few of their stories:

This is Ronald. He agreed to let us share his story so that others would know about Better Health’s services. He came to us for help with an abscessed tooth. He is uninsured and unable to receive regular medical and dental care. We approved him for free care and sent him to our partner dentist the same day. Upon examination, the dentist identified an area of concern and referred him for immediate follow up. Not long after, UNC diagnosed him with thyroid cancer and performed surgery immediately. You can see his scar in this photo. Without donors supporting our programs, he likely would not have seen a dentist and caught the cancer in time. We host the only free same day emergency dental service in Cumberland County. This is just one example of the thousands of clients we serve every year. YOU can help!

This cutie is Ian.  Ian is two years old, with a mischievous grin and deceptively shy initial reaction to strangers.  Ian had no insurance coverage and his grandmother was concerned about his vision and needed to fill his antibiotic.  She came to us for help.  We were able to get his antibiotic filled the same day, and contacted Cape Fear Eye Associates who worked him in for an eye exam right away.  Ian is blind in one eye.  In an effort to save his remaining vision, he needed these special glasses.

With the support of our generous donors, we were happy to pay for Ian's medication, eye examination and glasses.  When we called to check in on him, his grandmother said "this was such a blessing.  I am just so grateful.  If his story can help others realize that help is out there, then yes, share it!"

A young soldier came in to our office with a list of equipment his physical therapist had recommended for him.  Although young, the soldier had significant mobility challenges.  He stated that he had been in a jump training accident and experienced numerous significant injuries to his spine, neck and head.  He and his wife were expecting twins in a few months and he was eager to begin trying to recover and become mobile again.  We loaned him a walker, bedside commode, shower chair, gait belt and more. 

A private church preschool learned of a Diabetes diagnosis for a 3-year-old student under their care. Given no staff training in this area, and concerned with how to address safety and medical needs, the director reached out to Better Health. As the longest running, free Diabetes education resource in our county, Better Health staff was able to provide staff training and education. Nurse Patti went to the preschool and took her time teaching each of the team members to practice injecting insulin into an orange, and had them practice testing her own blood sugar until they felt comfortable.