1422 Bragg Boulevard
Fayetteville, NC 28301

Who We Are

Better Health was founded in 1958 with a vision to impact the quality of life for local residents, through a commitment to improving access and availability of health care services for the underserved, low-income resident.


To address the unmet healthcare needs in Cumberland County through education, referral and assistance.


In 1958 Ruth Peters, RN, realized there were many individuals that remained ill because they could not afford the medications prescribed for them.  She also realized the burden of care this placed on the county health care system as these same patients returned with the same recurring problems.  The Better Health Foundation of Cumberland County was organized as an outgrowth of the Cumberland County Heart Association through an allocation of $2500.  These funds were used to provide direct aid to the medically and financially needy in the local community.  In the second year of operation the Better Health Foundation became a United Way Affiliate Agency.  The agency operated on a part time basis and continued in this manner for approximately twenty years.

In the late 1970’s, a need began to surface in the local community for the provision of programs to assist the financially needy diabetic population.  Better Health responded by opening the first FREE Diabetic Monitoring and Education Clinic.  Seven years later, the first FREE Medical Equipment Loan Closet was opened.  This service would provide medical equipment free of charge on loan to those Cumberland County residents unable to afford to rent or purchase the equipment themselves.

Better Health Foundation incorporated in 1991 to become Better Health of Cumberland County, Inc. (BHCC) a non-profit organization under federal law 501(c)3.  The agency expanded to become a full time, full service agency governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. 

Since its inception, over 60 years ago, Better Health of Cumberland County, Inc. has continued to grow and evolve, not only in the number of clients served, but also in the services provided.  Better Health of Cumberland County, Inc. is committed to reaching all of our medically underserved residents and will continue to expand services to meet the changing health care needs of the community.