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Childhood Obesity

Better Health is excited to announce its newest initiative to help improve health outcomes!  Fayetteville Fit is a collaborative effort between Better Health and many other organizations including, Cape Fear Valley Pediatric Endocrinology, KidzCare Pediatrics, Cross Creek Pediatrics, Fayetteville Children's Clinic, Rainbow Pediatrics, Duke Pediatrics, and Cumberland County Parks and Rec.

Children who are identified, by their healthcare provider, as being obese will be referred into the program where they, and their family, will be able to participate in healthy, supportive physical activity and nutrition education in a judgment-free environment. 

We need YOUR help! If you or a group you know are interested in leading fitness-based activities or cooking demonstrations, please reach out to us at 910-483-7534 or fayfit@betterhealthcc.org.  This program is a community-based collaboration, and we need you to help make it work!  Whether you want to do a running club, teach a gymnastics class, play Sharks and Minnows, exercise, or cook- every volunteer matters!

Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/fayettevillefit/


Applying to volunteer is a two-part process. 

First, submit a Better Health volunteer registration form

Second, visit Parks and Rec to submit a background check.  Be sure you list Massey Hill Rec Center as the site, and use your legal name.

Then email us at fayfit@betterhealthcc.org to let us know once you've completed those steps so that we can keep an eye out and let you know once approved!