1422 Bragg Boulevard
Fayetteville, NC 28301

We work to address the unmet healthcare needs in Cumberland County through education, referral and direct assistance.

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Our success is seen in the difference we make in each client's life.  Whether purchasing life sustaining medicine, providing for dental care, helping teach them how to use their insulin or loaning a wheelchair- we strive to help each client leave us a bit healthier than they came.

Each Year, Better Health offers:

  • Diabetes Self Management Clinics, cooking demonstrations and screenings, serving over 500 people with diabetes.  
  • Childhood Obesity Programming, teaching approximately 1200 children about healthy lifestyle choices
  • Emergency Medications, Dental Care, travel assistance and vision care for 1700 uninsured clients in need
  • Medical Supplies for 500 people 
  • 1160 Loaned Medical Equipment items