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Diabetes Education

This is a free 7 -Week program for adults with diabetes or pre-diabetes.  Two rotations are available. One meets every Monday night from 6-7:30 pm for seven weeks and the other meets every Thursday night from 6-7:30 pm.  Select either Mondays or Thursdays, based on your schedule!

For seven week Monday night course START DATES call for more information and for registration.

For seven week Thursday night course START DATES call for more information and registration.

Classes are taught by registered nurses, guest physicians, and a Certified Diabetes Educator.  Come discover the keys to a happier and healthier life with diabetes and learn about:

  •  Managing Blood Sugar
  •  Diabetes and Emotions
  •  Exercise
  •  Managing Stress
  •  Medications with SRAHEC Pharmacy residents (Mondays and Thursday classes)
  •  Carbohydrate Counting and meal planning
  •  Diabetic Vision Care with physicians from Cape Fear Eye Associates 
  •  Foot Care with Dr. Dan Laut 
  •  Problem solving

*Note that Monday and Thursday classes cover the same basic materials but will have different guest presenters.

Pre-registration is required for this free course.  Call us at 910-483-7534, visit our office at 1422 Bragg Boulevard or sign up through the form below to get enrolled in the next course!  Please ask your provider for a printout of your A1C and bring to class.  This will help you gauge your success!

Dr. Laut, of Cape Fear Podiatry, is a long time supporter of Better Health.  We know that proper foot care and daily foot exams are crucial for those with diabetes.  Dr. Laut provides quarterly free foot exams to Better Health clients and also helps teach Take Charge of Diabetes classes.

Register below for the next Take Charge of Diabetes Course!

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Thank You!  Please ask your medical provider for a copy of your most recent A1C to bring to class. This will help you gauge your success!

In this class, we use the Merck Conversation Maps